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Arriving in Tokyo the best way possible and preparing for war.

In order to be settled correctly from day 11 I had as I mentioned in another post to undertake all sorts of admin immigration registrations (local government registration, driving license, health insurance, MyNumber, etc, etc)2.

Except for the fact that I only got a simple Japan Post bank account (an online bank account that took a couple of minutes to request registration online, then half an hour to get to a local combini and print the document, and send it to the bank office by mail.

I got to return it 2 more times for each time one very little detail in the forms (my name was filled the last name before the given name then my name was lacking the middle one). Ok, fair enough: foreign language is complicated.

All other aspect of my new life for a perfect landing set, I was ready to go for war.

I should not use this word since in those troubled times it could be understood like a thereat and I got already a glimpse of being profiled in Shanghai and Beijing many times. The war is against the “mo***f**” part of me like David Goggins would put it, that always crave for an easy, lazy life.


which is more a day 15 since there were 14 days of quarantine.


I bought a new special wallet to hold all the plastic cards I got from all these institutions in the same place. It’s bluffing how the Japan local administration is efficient but paper-powered.